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Trump to propose 'unrigging' the economy in tax overhaul speech

President Trump will pitch Americans on his tax overhaul plan Wednesday in Springfield, Missouri, in a speech that is "light on substance, heavy on populism," Axios writes.

Trump will propose "unrigging" the economy and ending "the special interest loopholes that have only benefited the wealthy and powerful few," Politico reports. When asked by The Wall Street Journal how Trump's promises could be taken seriously when his plans have so far been assessed as "a gift to the wealthiest Americans," one aide replied: "How I would look at this, from an American worker's perspective, it's basically a 'made in America tax.'"

Trump will label it "a tax code that really allows all Americans to have access to the American dream." "Every American worker will get a pay raise by getting to keep more of their paychecks," an aide explained to Politico. "We're going to win again by slashing the business tax rate and making our companies competitive again."