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Here's an easy way to help victims of Tropical Storm Harvey

Anyone looking for an easy way to help victims of Tropical Storm Harvey can do so by donating badly needed items through this handy Amazon wish list, which activist Shaun King shared Wednesday. The list was put together by families in Texas and includes items such as clean underwear, tampons, deodorant, and sleeping cots.

Many disaster relief organizations urge people to donate cash or items specifically requested on a registry rather than inundate volunteers with random items that might be useless, unneeded, or in plentiful supply. "Very quickly we just stopped taking clothes," Tammy Shapiro, who helped organize Occupy Sandy after Hurricane Sandy, told CBS News. "We put the items that we needed donated on that registry. And then people who wanted to donate could buy the items that were needed. I mean, a lot of what we had on the wedding registry was diapers. They needed flashlights."

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) said Wednesday he expects the cost of Harvey to be "far in excess" of the $120 billion cost of Hurricane Katrina, despite earlier estimates.

Visit the Amazon registry here or learn more about donating to a trustworthy Harvey relief organization directly at The New York Times.