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Fox News poll finds a majority of Americans think Trump is a 'bully'

A recent poll by President Trump's most-watched network, Fox News, didn't paint a very pretty portrait of the president. The poll, released Thursday, asked Americans to rate how well they felt a particular adjective described Trump; the scale ran from "extremely" well and "very" well to "not at all."

Turns out, the two descriptors that a majority of Americans agreed aptly described Trump were "says what he thinks" ... and "bully." Eighty-one percent very much agreed that Trump speaks his mind, and 53 percent agreed that he's very much a "bully." Forty-four percent said "unstable" was a fitting adjective for Trump.

Fox News noted that "fewer voters, about one-third, assign the clearly positive terms" like "competent," "strong leader," and "problem solver" to Trump. Voters were "least likely" to describe Trump as "presidential," a "moral leader," and "compassionate." Just 27 percent of Americans said they would "not at all" describe the country's commander in chief as a "bully."

The poll was taken among 1,006 registered voters Aug. 27-29. Its margin of error is plus or minus 3 percentage points.