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Putin says Trump is 'not my bride'

Russian President Vladimir Putin gave a colorful press conference while attending a summit in Xiamen, China, on Tuesday. He confirmed President Trump is "not my bride, and I'm also not his bride or groom," labeling questions over whether he is disappointed in Trump's behavior so far "very naive." "Trump is guided by the national interests of his country, and I by mine," he said. "I very much hope that we will be able, as the current U.S. president has said, to reach some compromise in resolving bilateral and international problems."

The Russian leader also weighed in on North Korea's nuclear ambitions, arguing that layering new sanctions on the already-isolated country would be "useless and ineffective." The Kim Jong Un regime will let North Koreans "eat grass, but they won't abandon their [nuclear] program unless they feel secure," Putin said, suggesting negotiations offering Pyongyang security guarantees could be a better route to a "peaceful, diplomatic resolution" that avoids the "global catastrophe and a huge number" of civilian casualties war would inevitably produce.

Finally, Putin addressed Ukraine, warning the Trump administration against arming anti-Russian separatists in the Eastern European country. "The delivery of weapons to a conflict zone doesn't help peacekeeping efforts, but only worsens the situation," he said. "Such a decision would not change the situation but the number of casualties could increase."