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Late Night Tackles President Trump

Stephen Colbert cringes at Trump's Ivanka comments, rambling tax speech in North Dakota

President Trump boarded Air Force One and traveled to North Dakota on Wednesday to talk tax reform, Stephen Colbert noted on Wednesday's Late Show, "and by 'talk tax reform' I mean ramble incoherently until they turned his mic off," touching inelegantly on everything from North Dakota's drought to whether the label should read "Made in America" or "Made in the USA," asking the gathered North Dakotans to choose. "Yeah, we should definitely pick one — and then the Electoral College can pick the other," Colbert deadpanned.

Trump also made a punchline-ready joke about an "American model" for the economy, "but by far the most awkward moment — and for Trump, that's a pretty high bar — was when he brought up Ivanka," Colbert said. He played the clip, in which Trump recounts how his daughter/White House adviser asked to come on the North Dakota trip. "Not weird at all," Colbert said. "All of Trump's advisers call him 'Daddy.' Sean Spicer was actually the one who started it."

If that didn't seem sufficiently odd, Jimmy Kimmel slowed down the clip of Trump's Ivanka introduction on Wednesday's Kimmel Live, for his "Drunk Donald Trump" segment.

Colbert spent the rest of the monologue on the leaked excerpts from Hilary Clinton's upcoming book, What Happened — which, he joked, was better than the original title, Anybody Wanna Buy a Barge of Unused Fireworks? "Still stings a little," he said. Watch below. Peter Weber