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Even Clinton campaign alums are dreading her book tour, calling it 'the final torture'

Hillary Clinton is spending the next four months on tour for her book, What Happened, but it seems only Republicans are thrilled at the thought of rehashing the 2016 election. "I think she should just zip it, but she's not going to," complained one top Democratic donor to Politico.

Many Democrats fear that lingering on 2016 and extending the blame game — with everyone from James Comey to Russia to Bernie Sanders as targets— could add an unwanted distraction going into 2018 and hand Republicans fodder for mockery. Jokes are already in ample supply:

When asked about What Happened, even Clinton's former Brooklyn campaign staffers told Politico, "Oh God," and, "I can't handle it." Another deemed it "the final torture."

Republican Sen. John McCain (Ariz.) was likewise stumped by Clinton's decision to so publicly return to the 2016 election when everyone else has seemingly moved on, noting that he didn't write a book when he lost the 2008 race. "I respect and admire and am a friend of Hillary's," said McCain. "But with these kind of things that happen in life, you've got to move on. You've got to quickly move on." Read the full report at Politico.