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It wasn't all bad

Woman finds mother's long-lost wedding dress, photos inside antiques store

Jane Fine Foster was shopping in Grand Junction, Colorado, earlier this year when she did a double take.

As she walked by A Robin's Nest Antiques, Foster saw three very familiar pictures in a long frame. They were of her mother, taken at her wedding in 1948. Foster thought she'd never see the photos again — her family had missed a payment in 2003 on their storage unit, and the contents, including the pictures and her mother's wedding dress, were auctioned off. She made dozens of calls, trying to track the items down, but finally gave up. "All my life, we saw this wedding picture on the wall in my home," Foster told Inside Edition. "I stood there and I blinked and I blinked and you blink again and think, 'Oh, you're seeing things.' That really was my mother's wedding photo."

She went inside and shared her story with the owner, who shocked her once again by saying he also had the wedding gown, which was downstairs. Foster's mother died in 2013, and having her dress back is a dream come true. "She touched this fabric and I can touch it now and think of her," she said. Catherine Garcia