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Trump set to replace travel ban with country-specific restrictions

President Trump is set to replace his ban on travel from six majority-Muslim countries with new, more specific restrictions as soon as this weekend, The New York Times reports. The new regulations will vary by country, and come at the conclusion of a 90-day review period that the administration used to assess security threats from Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen. "In the end, officials said that some of those countries added measures to improve security for passports and to better identify potential terrorist threats," the Times writes. "Those countries will not be included in the new restrictions."

Trump's travel ban also restricted refugees anywhere in the world from entering the U.S. The forthcoming restrictions will not alter that policy. The Supreme Court could still make a decision about America's policy on refugees when they hear the case next month.

Overall, though, "the changes to be announced this weekend could have a profound impact on the court case," the Times writes, "complicating the review by the justices and potentially making parts of the case moot even before the oral arguments, which are scheduled for Oct. 10." Read more about the new restrictions at The New York Times.