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Late Night Tackles President Trump

Stephen Colbert runs through why Alabama's Roy Moore is 'the Trumpiest candidate' yet

Alabama had a U.S. Senate primary runoff on Tuesday between Sen. Luther Strange (R) and Roy Moore, and "they're very interesting candidates," Stephen Colbert said on The Late Show. "Luther Strange is the tallest man ever in the U.S. Senate," at 6'9", he said, and "you might remember Roy Moore from the time he was kicked off the Alabama Supreme Court, or the other time he was kicked off the Alabama Supreme Court." The race, which Moore won, pitted President Trump against his former teammates, notably Stephen Bannon, who trashed the GOP establishment at a Moore rally on Monday night but praised Trump, who backed Strange. "Then Roy Moore took the stage and proved that he might be the Trumpiest candidate of them all," Colbert said, with some justification.

Meanwhile, a week after Hurricane Maria hit, Puerto Ricans are still without food, water, and medicine, and aid has been slow to arrive from the U.S. mainland, Colbert said, "And today, Donald Trump explained why" — because the ocean is big, or something. Colbert had some fun pretending to be Trump talking about the other qualities of the Atlantic, then snuck in a serious note about melting Arctic ice: "Anyway, the president is right — it's a very, very big ocean, and it keeps getting bigger. No one knows why."

The Daily Show had a little more on Trump's Puerto Rico geography knowledge, with a jaunty beat. Watch below. Peter Weber