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It wasn't all bad

60 years after the ceremony, couple finally takes their wedding photos

They didn't have a lot of money when they got married in 1957, so Rosa and Russo Dias had a simple ceremony without a professional photographer — that part of their story would come much, much later.

When photographer David Balatonfuredi of São Paulo Fotografia heard about the couple, who live in Cordeirópolis, Brazil, 60 years later, he decided to put together the photo session that never happened. He got other vendors involved — a dress was donated to Rosa, a suit to Russo, and a gorgeous outdoor location was offered for the shoot — and it cost the Dias family nothing. "Many, many times a marriage does not last this long, most times not even close to it, so it was pretty clear they were a very special couple," Balatonfuredi told HuffPost. "We all thought it would be a great idea to celebrate with pictures."

Rosa and Russo Dias have nine children, 16 grandchildren, and four great-grandchildren, and some of them were on hand for the photo shoot, where the couple posed under twinkle lights and on a swing. They had a "special glow and connection," Balatonfuredi said, and throughout the day were kind and patient with each other, representing "what an ideal marriage and partnership should be about."