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Trump teases unspecified health-care reform via 'the power of the pen'

Because Washington is now a reality TV show performed on social media, President Trump suggested in a tweet early Tuesday that he would send health-care reform to the next round "using the power of the pen." Other than saying he would "give great HealthCare to many people — FAST," Trump did not provide any details.

Over the weekend, The Wall Street Journal reported that Trump is planning executive orders to undo some of the health-care regulations his predecessor, Barack Obama, enacted, including "broad instructions for agencies to explore ways to loosen regulations and potentially lower premiums." The thrust of the rule changes, Jonathan Cohn reports at HuffPost, would be to "undermine the rules that guarantee comprehensive coverage to people with pre-existing conditions," adding, "Just how far the administration can take this effort is not clear."

"In the worst-case scenario," Cohn writes, "Trump's executive action could destabilize insurance markets ― making coverage much more expensive or even unavailable to some small businesses and individuals, especially those with serious medical problems, even as it would make coverage cheaper for others in relatively good health." Trump said he would give health care to "many people," not more people.