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Burning' Up

This mail carrier's delivery in a wildfire-scorched California neighborhood looks like something out of an apocalypse movie

Neither rain nor snow nor wildfire could stop a California mail carrier from making deliveries Tuesday.

Drone footage captured a United States Postal Service truck driving through a torched neighborhood in Santa Rosa, California, passing blackened cars and leveled homes. Its driver even stopped to pop mail in a few of the boxes that were still standing.

Despite appearances to the contrary, driving through what looks like a scene from a post-apocalyptic thriller isn't exactly standard procedure for the USPS. San Francisco District Manager Noemi Luna clarified why the mail carrier was out in a statement to the San Jose Mercury News:

This is an example of the long standing relationship that has been established between our carriers and their customers based on trust. The carrier in question was honoring a request by a few customers who were being let back in the fire zone to retrieve personal items. A few customers asked the carrier to leave their mail if the mailbox was still standing because they could not get to the annex to retrieve it. [Noemi Luna, via the San Jose Mercury News]

Your move, FedEx.