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Facebook Almighty

You can now order food directly through Facebook

Your Facebook stalking can now be considered productive — at least, if you're hungry.

The social media behemoth on Friday rolled out an embedded food-delivery service, partnering with established companies like Delivery.com and DoorDash to make more options available to users. Facebook has also partnered directly with mainstay restaurants like Chipotle and Papa John's, as well as more local establishments.

In the app's Explore menu, users will now find a menu item called Order Food. From there, hungry scrollers can browse featured options or search by location, cuisine, delivery or pickup, price, or hours.

So when you find yourself staring at your ex-boyfriend's cousin's sister's 12th picture of her dog, and your stomach starts to rumble, fret not — food is only a quick few taps away. See more about how Facebook's food-delivery service works here.