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A cow is loose in Brooklyn. And everyone is losing their minds.

Aside from the occasional bodega cat, you don't typically get to see much wildlife living in New York City. Brooklynites minding their own business Tuesday afternoon, however, got a special treat in the form of an inexplicably loose cow:

It was unclear where the cow came from, or how it ended up on a soccer field. For his (her?) part, the cow did not seem too concerned about the situation as it moseyed around Prospect Park, observed by curious onlookers, an ABC 7 New York helicopter, and New York's finest, who clearly had no idea what to do when called in to respond to a rogue cow.

Realizing that all good things are wild and free, the internet rooted for the cow, just as it did for the llamas, bobcat, and blimp before it:

Hopefully this story ends better than it did for Lefty the deer; at the time of publication, the cow appeared trapped in a dugout. Watch the Park Slope cow live via ABC 7 New York.