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The Manafort Indictment

Trump slams 'witch hunt' Russia probe, Democrats' 'evil politics' in frenzied morning tweets

After months of attorney-advised silence on Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into alleged Trump campaign involvement in Russian election meddling, President Trump threw legal caution to the wind to issue a multi-post complaint about the probe on Twitter Sunday morning. He began by referencing this week's news that the unverified dossier alleging ties between Trump and Moscow was paid for by a lawyer representing Hillary Clinton's campaign and the Democratic National Committee:

From there, Trump pivoted to a recitation of his grievances against Clinton, arguing that these are what really ought to be under Mueller's microscope:

The president concluded with an allegation that the forthcoming indictment by the Mueller team is simply an effort to distract from his tax reform agenda. "All of this 'Russia' talk right when the Republicans are making their big push for historic Tax Cuts & Reform," he wrote. "Is this coincidental? NOT!"