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Trevor Noah supports politicizing terrorist attacks, just not like Fox News and Trump do it

A day after an Uzbek immigrant in a truck killed eight people on a bike path in lower Manhattan, President Trump immediately pushed to scrap the Diversity Visa Lottery program. On Wednesday's Daily Show, Trevor Noah noted that Trump had reacted to last month's mass shooting in Las Vegas by saying it was too soon to talk about policies to prevent similar attacks going forward, a trick he said Trump learned from watching Fox News. He illustrated his point with a montage of Fox News characters slamming the immediate politicization of Las Vegas and then immediately politicizing the New York attack.

"Clearly for Fox, you can politicize things — as long as it's not guns," Noah said. "It's as simple as that. I bet they wouldn't even talk about guns in a game of Clue. 'It was Colonel Mustard in the study with the... you know what? It doesn't really matter.'" But then Noah veered in an unexpected direction. "Look, here's my opinion: I don't think 'politicize' needs to be a dirty word," he said. "I think tragedies like what happened in Vegas and New York City should be politicized — yeah, I said it — because politics is how society works to solve problems."

But there are bad ways to politicize, Noah said, pointing to Trump's immigration pivot. "By the way, the Diversity Visa Lottery that Donald Trump has always been against, and obviously just learned about today, it wasn't some brown-people charity scheme," he said. "In fact, it was an attempt to get more Irish immigrants into America." So sure, let's talk about the Diversity Visa Lottery, but "let's not be hypocrites," he said. Because a month after Las Vegas, Congress and the White House have done nothing at all about bump stocks or other gun measures. Watch below. Peter Weber