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George Papadopoulos reportedly lied to the FBI to protect Trump

President Trump's former foreign policy adviser, George Papadopoulos, reportedly lied to the FBI about his contact with Russian agents out of "loyalty" to the White House, a person familiar with the investigation told ABC News. Papadopoulos was charged with making false statements after being arrested in July, and he has reportedly been cooperating with government officials since.

Former FBI Director James Comey testified over the summer that Trump told him: "I need loyalty, I expect loyalty." But as Special Counsel Robert Mueller has moved forward in his ongoing Russia probe, lawyers have reportedly warned their clients that attempting to cover up for the president makes things "worse for everybody."

"The lesson to be always learned is loyalty is one thing, but are you prepared to go to jail for it?" Robert Ray, who served as the Whitewater special counsel, told Politico. "The answer to that question should be no."