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Mean Tweets

Jimmy Kimmel's celebrity friends celebrate his 50th with Kimmel mean tweets, fan fiction, other treats

Usually on Jimmy Kimmel's mean-tweet segments, people read mean comments about themselves posted on Twitter. But for Kimmel's 50th birthday, celebrated on Monday's Kimmel Live, a bunch of famous people stepped in to read mean things about Kimmel. The list of mean-tweet-readers included Kimmel's heroes, like David Letterman, as well as comedians like Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, actors like Chris Hemsworth and Halle Berry, and comic actors like Larry David — and some of the tweets are pretty mean. There were some weird ones, too, like Kim Kardashian reading a mean tweet about Kimmel from her husband, Kanye West. The reactions, as always, are what make it work.

Also on Kimmel's birthday show, most of which was a surprise for Kimmel, George Clooney hosted a This Is Your Life-type retrospective of Kimmel's life and career, taking some creative liberties and approaching roast territory without quite crossing that line.

Most people get special gifts on their 50th, but Ben Affleck and JJ. Abrams had a special one for Kimmel, featuring, among other people, Matt Damon as an arch-villain. "Wow, that was the best gift I ever got," Kimmel said. Which makes it a pretty happy birthday. Watch below. Peter Weber