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tax bill backlash

Top Republican fundraiser in New York quits state party post over objections to GOP tax bill

The New York Republican Party will need to find a new top fundraiser, as regional finance chairman Steve Louro quit his post Tuesday over issues he has with the Republican tax bill.

"The bill that's going to get passed is not going to take care of the American people," he told The New York Times. "It's a disgrace." New Yorkers would be hit hard by both the Senate and House versions of the tax bill, thanks to the elimination of state and local tax deductions and the reduction of the mortgage interest deduction. Rep. Peter King (R-N.Y.), who opposes the tax bill as it is now, told the Times he can see where Louro is coming from. "These are self-inflicted wounds," he said. "This bill is a Republican bill. We can't afford to be losing people like Steve Louro."

Last year, Louro hosted an event for Trump at his home in Long Island, and he said he still supports the president, but thinks the Republican Party has completely screwed up with this plan. "It's going to hurt a lot of middle-class Republicans," he said.