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Learn how to not blow a 3-1 lead with Stephen Curry's online basketball class

Stephen Curry's new class is perfect for aspiring athletes who can't get off the couch.

The Golden State Warriors star is teaming up with for-profit education company MasterClass to teach an online, video-based basketball course. It'll include the fundamentals of what makes Curry one of the the best players in the NBA today, ESPN reports. The class is intended for beginner and intermediate players, and unfortunately won't teach you how to dunk.

Curry joins other big names sharing their expertise in a MasterClass, where you can learn cooking from acclaimed chef Gordon Ramsay, writing from thriller connoisseur James Patterson, or how to build a fashion empire from designer Diane von Furstenberg.

Users can pay $180 for a year of unlimited MasterClasses, or get lifetime access to a single class for $90. If you're just in it for the jump shots, though, you'll have to wait till Curry's course premieres in early 2018.

The course will also include some Q&A sessions with the two-time MVP, where you can hopefully ask how the Warriors once blew a 3-1 lead in the NBA Finals.