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Want to watch the Georgia Dome implode? So did this Weather Channel cameraman. Then this happened.

On Monday, Atlanta's Georgia Dome went down (mostly) in a cloud of dust and debris from 4,800 pounds of explosives. Lots of people were there to witness the razing of the stadium, including Weather Channel video editor Jason Rudge. It was not his lucky day. "TFW you stream the #GAdome being demolished for 40 minutes and a bus stops in front of the camera at the exact moment it implodes," wrote his colleague James Crugnale on Twitter, with video evidence of Rudge's bad luck.

Atlanta's Metropolitan Area Rapid Transit Authority put the missed opportunity in perspective. "Given the potential dangers of bringing down the largest structure of its kind," MARTA's chief marketing and communications director, Goldie Taylor, told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, "if this is the biggest story, we're really glad about that." On Twitter, Taylor "sincerely apologized" to Rudge for ruining his shot, but was she really sorry?

If, like Rudge, you want to see the Georgia Dome implode, you can watch the razing unimpeded at the Journal-Constitution. Peter Weber

Editor's note: This story originally misidentified the Weather Channel employee responsible for shooting the footage of the implosion. It has since been corrected. We regret the error.