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John McCain to vote 'yes' on tax reform

Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) has been tight-lipped in the lead-up to the tax overhaul vote, "tersely" telling The New York Times this week that "a lot of things" concerned him about the bill. On Thursday, in the wake of many similarly hesitant Republicans announcing their support of the legislation, McCain at last confirmed he is a "yes."

"I believe this legislation, though far from perfect, would enhance American competitiveness, boost the economy, and provide long overdue tax relief for middle-class families," McCain said in a statement.

McCain famously torpedoed Republican health-care reform efforts earlier this year. "I think McCain did the maverick thing on health care, so if there are dues for the maverick club, he paid them this year big time," said anti-tax advocate Grover Norquist. Read McCain's full statement below. Jeva Lange