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Stephen Colbert's Melania Trump unconvincingly insists she's happy being first lady

Despite tweeted assurances from President Trump that his wife, Melania, "truly loves" living in the vermin-infested White House, "I'm not sure that the first lady is happy in Washington, D.C.," Stephen Colbert said on Thursday's Late Show, pointing to a recent tweet from Melania's communications director. The tweet insisted that the first lady was having fun decorating the White House for Christmas, and it had a bleak photo attached. "Which holiday is that for?" Colbert said, recoiling. "St. Gorlon's Feast of Human Bones?"

But holiday decorations aren't "all the first lady has to deal with," Colbert said. "She's also, once again, getting flak from Trump's first wife, Ivana Trump," who threw some more shade at Trump's third wife in a recent interview on Irish TV. To find out if Melania Trump is actually happy in the White House, Colbert brought on his Melania impersonator, Laura Benanti, whose facial contortions alone are worth a watch. Peter Weber