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Late Night Tackles Guns

Jordan Klepper sneakily warns liberals about a sweeping gun bill moving through Congress

House Republicans are apparently hoping to jam Democrats into supporting a massive loosening of gun laws called reciprocity. Democrats don't seem to be biting, but on Monday's The Opposition, Jordan Klepper's alt-right character argued that no news is good news on the bill. "Just between us, gun rights are stronger than ever," he whispered to conservatives. And things are about to get better.

"Gun reciprocity means if you're allowed to carry a gun in your state, you're allowed to do it in any other state — and 12 states don't have any restrictions other than the minimum federal requirements," Klepper said. "Live in those states, it's awesome — any day could turn into a Die Hard movie. Wyoming is like 85 percent Bruce Willises." He cited an example where a convicted domestic abuser with a gun permit in Georgia could legally carry his gun in New York, where convicted domestic abusers are not allowed gun permits. "Reciprocity is like if all the gunslingers in HBO's Westworld started showing up in other shows with their guns," he said. "America just put more bang in The Big Bang theory. And just between us, it gets even better, because America is still gunny as f--k."

"Gun advocates are gun-racking up wins all over, no matter what the libs are celebrating," Klepper said, showing some of those victories. Then he brought the joke home. "Remember, this whole thing is just between us," he said. "Don't let any of those pomegranate-juicing liberals hear about reciprocity, and especially don't let them call this one number which will connect them to their representatives so they can weigh in on the National Carry Reciprocity Act." Right, so don't watch below. Peter Weber