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Don't ask Siri about John Travolta

Let's get one thing straight: John Travolta is not dead. But Siri might tell you otherwise.

Business Insider discovered that if you ask Apple's artificial assistant for Travolta's age, she'll tell you he died back in 2009.

Tell me more, you say?

A bug is likely causing Siri to misread a news story about the 2009 death of Travolta's son, Jett. It's similar to how Siri used to think the reggaeton-pop crossover hit "Despacito" was the national anthem of Bulgaria.

Business Insider told Apple about the issue, and Apple shaped up as fast as greased lightning. Siri will now tell you Travolta is alive and well at 61.

Now, the only thing that's dead about Travolta is his upcoming movie Gotti, which was sold off just 10 days before its scheduled release. Not a good day for Glom Gazingo.