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Arnold Schwarzenegger pokes at Trump during climate change meeting

It doesn't matter that President Trump said in June he is withdrawing the U.S. from the Paris climate change accord, actor and former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger said Monday, because the rest of the world is still on board.

"The private sector didn't drop out, the public sector didn't drop out, the universities didn't drop out, the scientists didn't drop out, the engineers didn't drop out," Schwarzenegger told reporters in Paris. "No one else dropped out. Donald Trump pulled Donald Trump out of the Paris agreement, so don't worry about that." Schwarzenegger was in town to meet with Mayor Anne Hidalgo, and he even rode up to Paris City Hall on a green bike. He was there as founder of the nonprofit R20, which works with governments to develop clean energy sources as a way to combat carbon emissions.

Schwarzenegger said that those at the "sub-national level are going to pick up the slack and continue on," fighting for their children and grandchildren because "that is our responsibility and no one will stop us." He also recommended that when people talk about climate change, they focus on how it affects someone's health rather than focusing on glaciers melting and sea levels rising. "This is what people can relate to," he said. "People want to survive. That is the way the human brain is wired."