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Sarah Palin's son was arrested for beating up his dad, calling police 'peasants'

Track Palin, the son of former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin, was arrested Saturday after a family dispute turned violent, the Anchorage Daily News reports.

Track's father, Todd Palin, told police that the incident occurred after he told his son that he could not retrieve a pickup truck from their home because "he had been drinking and was on pain medication." Per a police report filed after the incident, an intoxicated Track arrived at the home anyway and assaulted Todd, beating him so violently that he "had blood from several cuts on his head and had liquid coming out of his ear."

Upon arriving at the home, police attempted to engage with 28-year-old Track, but that approach failed after he called the officers "peasants" and demanded they surrender their guns, the police report says. Sarah Palin was the one to contact police and authorities found her "visibly upset" at the scene, per the report.

Track eventually surrendered to police and admitted to the officers that "he had consumed a few beers earlier," the report says. Track additionally told police that when he arrived at his parents' home, "Todd had a gun in his hand. ... When the door did not open, [Track] looked through the window next to the door and saw Todd pointing a gun at him."

Track was arrested and charged with assault and burglary. Last year, he was also arrested on domestic violence charges after he reportedly punched a woman in the face. Read the full police report here.