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A frat party in Maryland got so out of hand that the air in the house blew a 0.01 on a breathalyzer

The story of this wild party began as many (barely) memorable nights do — with tequila.

USA Today reported Thursday that students at a soiree last month in Bethesda, Maryland, got so sloshed that the inside of the house registered a 0.01 on a police breathalyzer. Over 70 partygoers, most of whom were reportedly students from American University, had showed up for a "Tequila Tuesday" celebration being hosted by fraternity brothers inside the building.

An individual is considered legally drunk if they register a 0.08 blood alcohol level on a breathalyzer test, but local ABC affiliate WJLA reports that the air simply inside the house tested for appreciable alcohol levels after police responded to a complaint by neighbors and found the apartment filled with trash, booze, and underage drinkers.

The party-pooping cops charged the event's six hosts with an impressive 126 counts each of underage alcohol possession and distributing alcohol to minors. And while this party may live on in infamy for getting a literal building just a little bit tipsy, apparently the affair was too much for some guests: WJLA reports that several revelers "vowed never to attend a frat party again."