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Late Night Tackles 2020

'Noprah 2020!' — Jordan Klepper makes an intentionally silly, half-serious case against President Oprah

Most of the celebrity women at Sunday's Golden Globes wore black dresses, "like they were at at Tim Burton–themed quinceañera," Jordan Klepper said on Monday's The Opposition. The actresses were raising awareness of sexual misconduct and raising money to combat it, "but this girl power was hiding something much more sinister: trying to put a girl into power," Klepper said. "Because last night saw the rise of a new liberal presidential candidate: Oprah."

"If you had any doubts that Oprah was indeed declaring her candidacy, look at what the MSM wouldn't show you," Klepper deadpanned. "If you zoom out, you'll see the truth, that she gave her speech from an escalator." He showed his viewers the doctored video the mainstream media apparently suppressed. "We can't ignore this threat to Trump in 2020 — I mean 'Win' is Oprah Frey's middle name!" he added, listing some of the "scandals" that could dog Winfrey. "Plus, if Oprah takes office, she'll start saying to America, 'You get a health care! You get a health care! You get a health care! You get a health care!'" Klepper protested. "She's the ultimate handout president."

Ultimately, he said, "Oprah is unqualified," and to prove it, he showed what might be the first "Noprah 2020" ad, making a convincing case that "America doesn't want a wealthy, inexperienced TV star in the Oval Office — seriously. That would be a train wreck." Watch below. Peter Weber