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Attorney General Jeff Sessions is trying to find his way back to Trump's good side

Valentine's Day has come a bit early for Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who is mired in a heavy courtship — of President Trump.

The Washington Post reported Thursday that despite Sessions' best efforts, the president still has not forgiven him for recusing himself from the Justice Department's investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election. In response, department staffers purposefully and publicly discuss Sessions' successes, mentioning efforts and initiatives the attorney general is leading in the hopes that Trump, "a frequent television viewer, will take notice," the Post reports.

The Justice Department has diligently carried out Trump's agenda in regards to border enforcement and crime, the Post notes, but apparently even when Trump is reminded of these achievements, he is unmoved. Still, a source within the DOJ claims that their fractured relationship aside, Sessions is "almost in awe of the president's political instincts" and "really, really believes in" Trump.

Meanwhile, the president reportedly maintains that Sessions is "weak," and White House staffers muse about who the next attorney general will be. One administration official told the Post that "[Sessions has] done a fine job. Does it wash away the sin of recusal? I don't think so."

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