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Putin's rock 'n' roll daughter reportedly got divorced

One of Russia's most mysterious people has some personal news.

Katerina Tikhonova, the woman believed to be the youngest daughter of Russian President Vladimir Putin, has divorced her husband Kirill Shamalov, Bloomberg reported Thursday. Key facts about the couple — like how long were together or when their divorce was finalized — remain a mystery. In fact, only a few things are known about Tikhonova at all, including that she's 31, she's an "acrobatic rock 'n' roll" dancer, and she's apparently staggeringly wealthy.

Just how wealthy is finally coming into focus, thanks to the divorce. Bloomberg reports that the split reportedly cost Shamalov quite a lot of rubles — over 100 trillion, or nearly $2 billion, worth in stocks to be exact. This is because "he was only allowed to hold those shares in a kind of trust as a Putin family member," Bloomberg explains.

Spokespeople for the former couple and for Putin would not speak to Bloomberg about the report. You can read more about the breakup and what it signals about the murky finances of "Russia Inc." here.