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Trump was handed a book claiming God sent people visions predicting his presidency

While in Davos, Switzerland, on Friday for the World Economic Forum, President Trump was seen holding aloft a book entitled God and President Trump. As Amy Sullivan explains at Politico, the author, Stephen Strang, has penned a work that is "part spiritual hagiography, part Fox News bulletin, and part prophecy," including accounts of divine visions predicting Trump's electoral victory.

"Strang outlines a string of [charismatic Christians] who had visions — or who now retroactively claim to have had visions — that Trump would one day win the White House," Sullivan writes. "A Catholic holy man named Thomas Zimmer who spent much of his life in Italy even claimed to have received a prophesy in the 1980s that Trump would 'lead America back to religion.'"

For the pro-Trump evangelicals Strang describes, the improbability of Trump's triumph is further confirmation of God's involvement. To observe the election results was to feel "as if God had answered our prayers and the impossible had happened," Strang says in the book. "We had a new president, one we believed God had raised up for a time such as this."

Read the full Politico piece here, and read The Week's Damon Linker on why some Christians embraced with such enthusiasm "a man who makes a mockery of Christian piety and traditional moral decency."