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Late Night Tackles President Trump

Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Kimmel, and Cartoon Trump preview Trump's first State of the Union address

The Late Show will be live on Tuesday night, after President Trump's first State of the Union address, "to confirm that yes, he actually did say that," Stephen Colbert joked on Monday's show. Trump may have given us a preview of his speech in Davos on Friday, though he got some lusty boos for criticizing the press. "Sir, you have to know your audience," Colbert said. "It's Europe — freedom of the press is still in vogue over there. You might as well have insulted soft cheese and nut-hugger jeans."

The point, Colbert said, is that it will be hard for Trump to bring the country together, given his "increasingly cartoonish" behavior. That was the setup for an interview with Cartoon President Trump, the Late Show bit that has been spun into a Showtime series. Cartoon Trump had a concise but realistic preview of Trump's State of the Union speech, and Colbert had some questions about Special Counsel Robert Mueller. "Aren't you worried this constitutes obstruction of justice?" he asked. "No, no, I'm worried I didn't obstruct justice enough," Cartoon Trump replied. "I keep trying to obstruct, but justice keeps coming at me like an immigrant child hopped-up on nutrition — very scary."

"State of the Union is the one day of the year presidents are supposed to brag about their accomplishments, so he's been training for this, really, for his whole life," Jimmy Kimmel said on Monday's Kimmel Live. "They released the theme today — it's 'safe, strong, proud,' based on the three words he never heard from his father." Kimmel revealed that his guest after Trump's speech is Trump's alleged 2006 paramour, Stormy Daniels, then returned to Davos. Trump bragged about his crowd size in Switzerland, Kimmel sighed, and in an interview with CNBC, he made "what I think is a bombshell admission." And if you listen to it in the right way, it would be. Watch below. Peter Weber