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he's a fan of the A Team

Mr. T has a new love of curling, thanks to the Winter Olympics

The only fool Mr. T is pitying these days is himself, for not getting into curling sooner.

The very enthusiastic Winter Olympics fan is using his Twitter account to share his thoughts on the Games, posting about everything from the opening ceremony ("I felt so proud watching all of the Americans walk in") to his appreciation of good sportsmanship ("just do your best, give it all you got, and then shake hands when it's over"). He's tweeted several times about how proud he is of the athletes for overcoming "all of the challenges they had to face, the aches and pains, the worries and the doubts," plus how watching them "makes me all of a sudden feel like out of shape and lazy," but Mr. T has become truly fascinated by one of the most curious sports: curling.

You heard him, curling fool — you've turned Mr. T into a fan of your sport. If anyone at NBC is listening, please, please, please make Mr. T the next celebrity Olympic commentator.