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Former MLB All-Star arrested after police find more than 40 pounds of 'suspected cocaine' at his house

Former MLB All-Star Esteban Loaiza was arrested last week in San Diego, California, after authorities found major amounts of drugs in his possession, USA Today reports. The bust began after Loaiza was pulled over for a "minor traffic infraction" while driving "a vehicle that police believed was being used to smuggle drugs," USA Today explains.

In a press release, the San Diego County Sheriff's Department said Loaiza was arrested as part of an "ongoing narcotics investigation." After stopping Loaiza, police searched his vehicle and realized it had "sophisticated" modifications that seemed to exist for the purpose of hiding drugs. From there, police were able to obtain a warrant to search his home, where they found more than 40 pounds of suspected drugs worth about $500,000, authorities said.

San Diego police said the substance is "suspected cocaine," but the final identification is pending further testing, USA Today reports. Loaiza pitched for various teams in his 14-year MLB career, making more than $40 million as a member of several clubs including the New York Yankees, the Texas Rangers, and the Los Angeles Dodgers. He was twice named an All-Star. Police are currently holding him on felony charges for possession of heroin and cocaine as well as "possession and transportation of narcotics for sale," ESPN says. His bail is reportedly set at $200,000.