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An NBA player was suspended apparently for throwing a bowl of soup at his coach

Much has been made of J.R. Smith's renaissance with the Cleveland Cavaliers. He left his previous team, the New York Knicks, in an unceremonious salary dump, and was known for his "antics" as a member of the Denver Nuggets before that, as The Denver Post put it delicately in 2010.

But even as he emerged as a shirtless, sharpshooting anti-hero for the Cavaliers, helping the franchise win its first title in 2016, Smith apparently still gets frustrated just like the rest of us. Exhibit A: He missed Thursday night's game against the Philadelphia 76ers for a rather unique reason, per ESPN:

Cleveland Cavaliers guard JR Smith earned his one-game suspension from the team Thursday by throwing a bowl of soup at assistant coach Damon Jones, multiple sources with knowledge of the incident told ESPN. [ESPN]

The Cavs had previously referred to Smith's suspension — which cost the guard nearly $95,000 — as the result of "detrimental conduct." But isn't this so much better?