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It wasn't all bad

Rescue dog will soon cheer up kids in the hospital as a therapy dog

In just a short amount of time, Everest went from being homeless on the streets of Los Angeles to a well-loved therapy dog in training up in Oregon.

The nonprofit Hope for Paws rescued the starving Newfoundland from a street corner, where the tired dog was resting. They used a cheeseburger to gain his trust, then slipped a leash on him and took him to their recovery center, where Everest was bathed and received medical treatment. Not long after that, Hope for Paws received an application from a family in Oregon who wanted to adopt Everest.

Everest left the sun for the snow, flying with two of his rescuers up to Oregon, where he met the family and their two other dogs: Bonnie and Clyde. He's now training to be a therapy dog, and his owners hope he'll soon be able to meet with children in the hospital. In the meantime, Everest enjoys frolicking in — and eating — snow and playing with his new brother and sister. Catherine Garcia