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Late Night Tackles President Trump

Stephen Colbert breaks down Trump's 'crazy train' rally in Pennsylvania

Stephen Colbert recaps Trump rally in Moon Township

President Trump went to Moon Township, Pennsylvania, over the weekend, ostensibly to campaign for House candidate Rick Saccone, Stephen Colbert said on Monday's Late Show. It was pretty wild. "Who wants to jump aboard the crazy train?" Colbert said, in Trump voice. And after a brief endorsement, it was all about Trump, one way or another.

Trump rolled out his 2020 tagline, fantasized about beating Oprah, and insulted NBC's Chuck Todd. "Now, Chuck was a little miffed, so yesterday he asked Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin whether this name-calling was acceptable behavior," Colbert said, and he broke out a wicked Mnuchin impersonation to mock the treasury secretary's if-the-president-does-it-it's-okay response. Trump also made fun of what he thinks a "normal" president would be like, then argued that what he has to do is harder. "Wait, he has to do this?" Colbert asked. "Does he think acting like a buffoon is mandatory? Is this some sort of Speed situation? Somebody's strapped a bomb to the country and if the president's IQ goes above 55, America explodes?"

Trump also defended North Korea's leader. "Don't boo Kim Jong Un," Colbert said in Trump voice. "He's just a murderous dictator who fed his own uncle to dogs — it's not like he's Oprah or Chuck Todd or anything." Still, the Pennsylvania race "is really important to Trump, so today he pulled out the small guns," sending Don Jr. up to tour a candy factory with Saccone. "Don Jr. felt very comfortable in the chocolate factory because he's half Oompa-Loompa on his father's side," Colbert quipped. Watch below. Peter Weber