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Fox News' incredible Obama-Trump hypocrisy, in 1 damning video

If there's one thing Fox News knows for sure, it's that a U.S. president should absolutely never agree to meet with foreign dictators — unless that president is Donald Trump.

Case in point: Ever since President Trump accepted an invitation from North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un to meet without any preconditions, Fox News has been touting the diplomatic brilliance of the move. It's a drastic pivot from the network's analysis when former President Barack Obama considered doing so, a NowThis video showed.

Clips from years past show both hosts and guests on the network slamming Obama for being open to meeting with Kim. "He would meet with some of these madmen without any preconditions," said an aghast Sarah Palin, former governor of Alaska and Republican vice presidential candidate, of Obama.

But now, Fox News personalities like Sean Hannity appear ready to embrace the idea of negotiating with the isolated nation. Hannity lauded Trump's "major foreign policy breakthrough," while others applauded the "stunning diplomatic triumph" and even floated the idea of the move earning Trump a Nobel Peace Prize.

When Obama was in office, Fox News pundits called the idea of talking North Korea out of its nuclear weapons program "fanciful," and said it was a "bad idea" to meet with "crazy men" like Kim. Trump's decision, on the other hand, is bound to be "magnificent for the people of Korea" and "magnificent for the world." Watch the rest of the flip-flopping, compiled by NowThis, below. Summer Meza