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It wasn't all bad

Georgette the rescued lamb makes herself at home with Montana couple

They thought their child-rearing days were long over, but then along came Georgette.

Arnie Skoog, 89, and his wife, Ginger, 84, live in Great Falls, Montana. A few weeks ago, their son Jay Skoog stopped by their house, carrying a lamb that had been rejected by its mother and was less than a week old. Left in the snow, her tail and ears were frozen and she was in bad shape, but once she entered the Skoog home, "she was soon on her feet and eating everything in the house," Ginger told the Great Falls Tribune.

Georgette — named after Curious George — loves Arnie, sits on his lap while he watches television, and bleats whenever he leaves the room. She's also "naughty," Ginger said. "If you say, 'Don't do that,' she'll grab a piece of it and run." Georgette has been caught chewing on cords and dragging toilet paper rolls through the house, but pretty soon she's going to move on to the next chapter of her life: When the weather warms up, she will go back to Jay Skoog's farm, where she will live in a barn. Catherine Garcia