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Late Night Tackles Stormy Daniels

Stephen Colbert has some naughty fun with Stormy Daniels' blockbuster 60 Minutes interview

Stephen Colbert joked on Monday's Late Show that he tuned in to 60 Minutes on Sunday night to watch the profile of up-and-coming NBA star Giannis Antetokounmpo but also happened to catch Anderson Cooper's interview of Stormy Daniels. He wasn't alone, obviously, since Daniels opening up about her alleged affair with President Trump drew the highest ratings for 60 Minutes in a decade. "That means Stormy Daniels got higher ratings than Donald Trump did right after he was elected president," Colbert noted. "That's gotta sting."

Colbert briefly recapped the interview. "It's an insane, salacious tale about a sitting president — and the least surprising story I have ever heard," he said. Daniels' story about Trump "felt real, it felt true. It felt truer than him getting elected." And it was a little weird in parts, like her recollection of how spanking Trump with an issue of Forbes with Trump on the cover prompted Trump to make more appropriate conversation. "A couple of spanks and Donald Trump started acting more appropriate — John Kelly, you know what to do," Colbert joked. "It's for your country!"

He played a clip of Daniels suggesting she was underwhelmed by her physical affair with Trump, and Colbert was underwhelmed with the hackneyed mafia dialogue of the man who apparently threatened Daniels in a Vegas parking lot after she tried to sell the story to In Touch in 2011. Daniels' lawyer is promising more details about Trump's physical attributes, if needed, and Colbert showed, in some detail, that he did not need those details. Watch below. Peter Weber