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Watch Trump throw out his planned remarks and speak on everything but taxes at a tax reform panel

President Trump planned to read a double-spaced, single-sided page of remarks to introduce a tax reform roundtable Thursday afternoon. He said it would've taken "about two minutes."

But that would've been boring.

Instead, Trump talked for nearly 20 minutes about everything under the West Virginia sun. He spelled out the meaning of "catch and release" down to the definition of each simple word. He complimented West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice (R) for being "the biggest governor." He told the story of a man who went for a run and came back missing a leg and an arm.

And then he showed off the page of remarks he didn't read, threw it over his shoulder, and turned the remaining 45 minutes over to the 16 other panelists. Watch below. Kathryn Krawczyk

Trump: "This was going to be my remarks...but to hell with it"

*throws speech in the air* pic.twitter.com/jpQnuV4bQh

— Steve Kopack (@SteveKopack) April 5, 2018