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Jimmy Kimmel spices up Mark Zuckerberg's Senate hearing. Stephen Colbert lets emojis tell the story.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg testified before nearly half the Senate on Tuesday, and Stephen Colbert's Late Show mostly let Facebook's reaction emojis do the talking:

Jimmy Kimmel was a little more expansive on Tuesday's Kimmel Live. "Zuckerberg testified before the Senate Judiciary and Commerce committees today to explain how and why all your personal information somehow wound up in the hands of a foreign country without you knowing it," he said. "Zuckerberg testified for more than five hours today. It was tough, but then at the end of the hearing he wowed senators by presenting them with a slide show he made of all the memories they shared together."

"Facebook has admitted that as many as 270 million accounts are or may be fake and used to spread false information online — although let's be honest, most real Facebook accounts are used to spread false information online," Kimmel said. (Is your husband really that great because he fixed dinner once?) Senators grilled Zuckerberg on their data being used to target people with tailored ads, though not all of them seemed especially tech savvy, he noted, using Sen. Bill Nelson (D-Fla.) and his chocolate fixation as an example. And then Kimmel cleverly paired real Zuckerberg answers with fake questions from fake senators, and you can watch that below. Peter Weber