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Trump bashes California governor, Stormy Daniels in morning tweets

In a series of early morning tweets from Mar-a-Lago on Wednesday, President Trump confirmed that CIA Director Mike Pompeo had met with North Korea's Kim Jong Un to prepare for a Trump-Kim summit and predicted that "denuclearization will be a great thing for World, but also for North Korea!"; accused California Gov. Jerry Brown (D) of "trying to back out of the National Guard at the Border, but the people of the State are not happy. Want Security & Safety NOW!"; and issued his first tweet about Stormy Daniels, the pornographic actress who said she slept with him in 2006.

In his Daniels comment, Trump was responding to a tweet from an admirer who juxtaposed a photo of Daniels' ex-boyfriend with the sketch Daniels released Tuesday of a man she said threatened her to keep quiet about her affair with Trump, suggesting the two vaguely similar men were the same person. Trump apparently found the theory plausible:

Though, really, you could do a similar comparison with lots of men:

In any case, Daniels' lawyer, Michael Avenatti, appeared thrilled that Trump, once again, mentioned his client in public. He subtweeted Trump:

Avenatti is trying to get Daniels out of a nondisclosure agreement that Trump lawyer Michael Cohen paid her $130,000 to sign in October 2016. That payment is reportedly one of the reasons the FBI raided Cohen's office last week.