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Trump loved his Fox & Friends interview so much he might do it every month, Kellyanne Conway says

As often as the moon is full and the rent is paid, so too shall President Trump appear on Fox & Friends.

Following an enthusiastic call-in appearance by the president on the Fox News morning show Thursday, White House counselor Kellyanne Conway said that Trump might like to make a habit of it. "The president has said that he would like to perhaps come once a month, as news breaks," Conway said Friday on the show. "He said that he'd like to replicate that on pretty much on a monthly basis."

That said, not even Conway could speak with certainty on the president doing the same thing once a month. "He'll keep us guessing," she cautioned, but he really "appreciated the platform" the network gave him. Watch the segment below, and mark your calendars — but maybe in pencil. Kimberly Alters