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Late Night Tackles Trump versus Mueller

Stephen Colbert, Seth Meyers, Jordan Klepper have some questions about Mueller's 49 questions for Trump

On Monday night, The New York Times printed a list of 49 questions Special Counsel Robert Mueller wants to ask President Trump. On Tuesday's Late Show, Stephen Colbert protested. "Oh come on, don't print them! If Trump sees the questions in advance, he'll cheat." Trump's lawyers wrote the question based on information from Mueller, and Trump says he's furious that the questions leaked, blaming it on Mueller's team. That's unlikely, given the grammatical errors in the questions, among other clues, as a former Mueller aide pointed out to CNN.

Colbert read through Trump's angry tweets, with commentary, then said that he's looked over "the 49 questions that Mueller has for Trump, and they barely scratch the surface of what I want to know. So I'd like to submit some additional questions for Mueller to ask the president." One of them involves math.

On Late Night, Seth Meyers said that Trump likely has some questions for Mueller, too, and he listed some. Like: "If I catch Jeff Sessions, do I get to keep his pot of gold?"

At The Opposition, Jordan Klepper — like Sean Hannity, except joking — was incensed. "I always knew Mueller would come for Trump with knives," he said. "And by knives, I mean questions that were shared in advance with his legal team as a courtesy." And none of the questions "are multiple choice, true or false, or click on all of the pictures that include a car questions," he added. "This is totally unfair — you can't ask Trump open-ended questions. Fox & Friends asked him what he got Melania for her birthday, and he talked for 30 minutes. And the answer was 'nothing.'" Watch below. Peter Weber