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CNN's Chris Cuomo shuts down Kanye West's musings about slavery: 'My 8-year-old knows slavery wasn't a choice'

Kanye West appeared on TMZ Live on Tuesday, where he discussed his opioid addiction, declared "TMZ is the hospital to fix the world," and mused that slavery seemed to him like it was a "choice." The stunned hosts of CNN's New Day reacted Wednesday morning, with Chris Cuomo noting that even his 8-year-old knows better. "My 8-year-old knows that slavery wasn't a choice," he said. "And by the way, she doesn't have to live with the culture and the stigma and the pain that African-Americans do."

Alisyn Camerota compared West's remarks to those made by President Trump, adding that the rapper's comment about slavery did not show "intellectual rigor."

"He has a feeling, right," Camerota said. "So this is where we are right now. I mean, I just see it everywhere, and obviously we see it in the president."

Over on ABC, Jimmy Kimmel also made the connection between West and Trump. "Doing this show every night is hard enough," he quipped. "Keeping up with the White House on a daily basis is exhausting. I can't handle Donald Trump and Kanye West at the same time." Watch his coverage below. Jeva Lange