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Fox News' Shep Smith firmly dismantles Trump's unfounded claims about 'Spygate'

Fox News host Shepard Smith isn't taking President Trump's tweets at face value.

During his news show on Tuesday, Smith tore into some of Trump's recent claims point-by-point. In an early-morning tweet, the president accused Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigative team of "meddling" in the upcoming midterm elections. He called the team, which has been tasked with investigating whether the Trump campaign colluded with Russian meddling during the 2016 election, "13 Angry Democrats."

Smith was not having it, calling Trump's claims "conspiracy theories" that are "unfounded, not based in fact or reason, with no evidence to support them." The Fox News host pointed out that Mueller is in fact a Republican, and emphasized that neither Trump nor the White House has produced any evidence of wrongdoing to support the president's public accusations.

"The so-called 'rigged Russia witch hunt' is not a witch hunt," said Smith, "it has resulted in charges against four former Trump associates." The host also shut down Trump's complaints that an FBI informant speaking to campaign staffers amounted to inappropriate "spying." Watch the full takedown below, via Media Matters. Summer Meza