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Ivanka Trump suddenly 'had to step out for another meeting' when asked about her father's exercise routine

The White House is hosting a "Sport and Fitness Day" on Wednesday, and Ivanka Trump co-hosted a conference call with reporters on Tuesday to promote the event. As fascinating as the subject at hand was, one reporter took the rare chance to ask Trump questions to inquire about the recent passel of trademarks China and the Philippines have granted to her lifestyle brand. Ninio Fetalvo, a White House official, quickly stepped in to say reporters would have to “refer those questions to the press office,” then moved on.

It wouldn't be hard to make the case that trademarks and potential conflicts of interest and corruption were off-topic, but when another reporter asked Trump later in the call if her father had changed his diet or fitness regimen, as advised by White House physician Ronny Jackson, there was a brief pause before Fetalvo answered: "So Ivanka had to step out for another meeting, but Holli is here to take on the additional questions."

Holli Richmond, the director of the White House Council on Sports, Fitness, and Nutrition, referred the question about Trump's exercise and weight loss to the press office, as well as an inquiry about whether first lady Melania Trump would be at the event, which would be her first public appearance since May 10. President Trump will be there to "make remarks and to uplift this collaboration with Health and Human Services," Richmond offered. Other draws will be former professional baseball and football stars, and actor Lou Ferrigno, most famous for playing the Incredible Hulk.