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did you mean hypocrisy?

Google says it's committed to diversity. It just shut down an employee-led diversity plan.

Google employees want diversity. They did the leg work and came up with a plan to make it happen.

Shareholders from Google parent company Alphabet still voted it down.

Employees and some shareholders think Google's diversity issues could make it hard to hire and keep workers, locking out innovation, Reuters reports. So employees wrapped up their concerns in a proposal and presented it at Alphabet's annual shareholder meeting Wednesday — in case the problem wasn't made obvious by last year's infamous memo by a company engineer claiming women are genetically inferior when it comes to all that computer stuff.

Proposal writers realized executives love money and devised a way to tie incentives to inclusion measures, an employee tells Bloomberg. But shareholders didn't want to risk any of their cash and rejected the measures, per Reuters. Google still claims it'll achieve "market supply" representation by 2020, because people should be referred to with economic terms.

Still, one of Google's lead emoji managers, Jennifer Daniel, wants to make sure we don't ignore the massive progress Google has already achieved:

In fairness, Daniel appears to be in on the joke. But still: Progressives, take note.